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You-Tube-Video of winner of TeddyTotal 2011

In company with Bearconnection: Winner in category "Tableau"

Last year for 2011 the motto "Responsibility" was choosen.
Bearconnection had the idea of using a similar pattern and the bear should be dedicated to an element.
These bears should carry a globe and so symbolize the responsibility for our planet.
Clic the picture to see a You-Tube-Video.

The single part have been realiced like following:
The planet  by           Fabian Song from Singapur 
The element water by     Terumi Yoshikaea from Japan
The element fire by      Sueyi Tam from Hong Kong
The element air by       Heike Boam from Germany
The element earth by     Eleonore Unkel-Schäufelin from Germany
The element wood by      Bettina Springweiler from Germany
The element metal by     Annerose Schneider from Germany

The occurrences in Japan gave an unexpected actuality to our tableau we did not forecast.

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Title of Japan Tedy Bear Fan Club 23

Issue 23/2003 of Japan Teddy Bear Fan Club

To page 9 Nr. 23, Jan./Feb. 2003

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Richard of Navarra: nominated for den Golden Teddy Award 2002 in Amerika

Our bear
"Richard of Navarra"

was nominated for
Golden Teddy Award 2002 in Amerika.

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Nomination for Tokyo International Teddy Award - TITA 2002

Beginning of Dezember 2002 we recieved the message:

Nomination for
Tokyo International Teddy Award
(TITA) 2002 for "Sir Shanahan"
in category "Dressed Bears"

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Bow of nomination TeddyTotal 2002 in Münster

TeddyTotal 2002 in Münster

Golden George
nominated and finished 3rd place.

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Picture of Teddy Artus with cup of Meisterteddy
Happy about winning the

1. Place in Meisterteddy 2001 in Neustadt/Coburg

with Bear "Artus" in category "Dressed Bears" in Meisterteddy Award 2001 in Neustadt/Coburg.

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Logo of Teddybaer-Museum in Korea In April 2001 some of our Ritterbears moved to famous

Korean Teddy Museum

For all those, who could not travel there: Here is the posibility to visit TeddyBearMuseum online.

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